Buy Grassfed Whole Lamb in Bulk and You Will Always Know Where Your Food Comes From

Buy grassfed whole lamb in bulk and you get an excellent deal. But make sure you have the storage space.

Here’s the rule of thumb: You need approximately 1 cubic foot of storage space for each 30-35 pounds of lamb bought in bulk.

Advantages of buying grassfed whole lamb in bulk include:

Superior quality meat -—Many have told me they don’t like the fatty taste of lamb. I don’t blame them. The problem is this—store bought lamb is invariably grain-fed and grain-finished. The result—greasy meat. Grassfed lamb on the other hand, is fed and finished on grass. So, much less fatty flavor.

Health--Grassfed meat is loaded with CLA and omega-3 fatty acids, both cancer and obesity fighters. You consistently have a supply of healthy meat on hand.

Food Safety — I know of no tests for e-coli specifically run on lamb. However, compare the remarkable difference in cleanliness and safety between grassfed beef and confinement beef. Grassfed beef has an incredible 315,000 fewer e-coli than grain-fed beef according to a recent test. It’s easy to see how the results would be similar for lamb.

Support of local business —Buying local saves shipping costs, helps the environment and supports a local farmer and the meat packer who processes the animal.

Easier budgeting — Because you’re buying your meat all at once, it’s easy to budget your costs for an extended period.

Fewer trips to the grocery store —You no longer have to plan your meals around what’s on sale or even available at the supermarket. In our area, one can seldom find lamb at the store except at Easter time.

Meat is packed for freezing — If you buy large quantities at the supermarket, you need to repack the meat to freeze it. When you purchase a whole lamb, this is done for you.

Excellent pricing — Buying grassfed lamb in bulk can save you big money over regular grocery store prices.

Know your farmer—When you buy directly from the farmer, you always know where your meat came from. Develop that relationship and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing the complete link of your food from pasture to plate. You can’t get that at the supermarket!

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