Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys

Cancer is not a death sentence.

Death came knocking on his door -- but Anderson refused to open. Stage 4 inoperable cancer crept away in defeat. Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys invites you also to triumph over this cruel invader.

In Part One, Anderson tells the story of his trauma, his near-death experiences, his ignorance and naiveté regarding medical treatments, his foray into alternatives, and finally his happy outcome. Through it all, Anderson’s “funny bone” survived intact. (Have you ever heard of this home remedy for cancer? Drink your own urine! Seriously!)

Part Two relates nine keys that anyone can use to overcome most cancers. Some keys may surprise you. “Get a health coach, but not your doctor.” (Chapter 1) “Chew your way to recovery.” (Chapter 8) “Diet without detox is deception.” (Chapter 9)

In Part Three, Anderson credits meditation on God and the healing portions of the Bible as a primary reason he is alive today. He outlines eight parallels between natural medicine and the medicine of God’s Word. “Just take your medicine and faith will be there when you need it.” “God’s very nature is healing. Fish swim, birds fly, God heals,” asserts Anderson. (Chapter 16) “Healing is not only God’s will -- it is His pleasure.” (Chapter 17)

Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys tells more than one man’s story. No matter where you are on the road to health (or even if you’re not on the road, but helpless and hopeless by the roadside), here’s the practical information you need to overcome this killer disease.

Get the book.

Get the keys.

And get the inspiration you need to succeed on your quest for life.

Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys

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