Venison Steak Marinade Does Wonders with Venison

Venison Steak Marinade a' la wonder . . .

Robust Venison Marinade


1 cup wine vinegar
8 peppercorns
2 bay leaves
1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds
2 cloves
½ cup olive oil


Crush peppercorns and mix all ingredients in mixing bowl. Place steaks in bowl and refrigerate about 8 hours or overnight. Remove steaks from marinade, drain and dry. Cook steaks according to steak recipe.

If you’re looking for a good venison tenderloin recipe, follow these directions. Your newly made marinade for venison steak will flavor it nicely.

Oven-Broiled Venison Steak

Preheat broiler. Read directions for your range to give best broiling results. All electric ranges call for broiling with door slightly ajar. In a gas range, broil with door closed. Remove outer skin and slash edges of fat in several places to prevent curling. Place steaks on broiling rack so that the surface of meat is about 3 inches from heat. Follow broiling schedule for broiling time. Turn only once. Season before serving. Serve on very hot platter and hot plates.

Broiling Schedule (at thawed refrigerator temperature) for Venison Steaks:

Thickness-----Time per side
1"--------6 minutes--medium
1"--------7 minutes--well done
1 1/2"----9 minutes--medium
1 1/2"----11 minutes--well done
2"--------12 minutes--medium
2"--------15 minutes--well done

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