Venison Canning Recipes Tenderize Even the Toughest Deer

Did you shoot a trophy buck? Is he young and tender. . .or old and tough? Venison canning recipes insure tender meat no matter how old the deer.

Domestic animals are generally killed young. There's no telling how old (or how tough) that deer will be until you get him on your plate. If he seems like he's been around a while, why take a chance? You worked hard enough to get him, now make sure the meat will be worth the effort. Recipes for canning venison insure tender, tasty meat every time.

Idaho Venison Canning Recipe

Do your best to make sure the meat is clean, fresh and fully bled. While skinning and gutting it's easy to get that pesky deer hair on the carcass. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or hair. Chill as soon as possible after the kill if the weather is warm. 32° to 40° F is the ideal chilling range. But do not allow the meat to freeze if you intend to can.

Cut the meat into small enough pieces so they will fit easily into quart canning jars. Remove all bones and fat. The bones can be used to make the broth if you choose.

Place the cut up pieces of meat into a large pan. Pour enough water into the pan to keep the meat from sticking. Cover the pan and heat the meat until the pink is nearly gone from the center of each meat chunk. Stir occasionally.

Into each cleaned and warmed quart jar dump a teaspoon of salt for seasoning. Remove the meat from the pan and pack into the jars while the meat is still hot. Don't allow it to cool too much or the jars may not seal. Cover the meat in each jar with the broth that the meat was cooked in. All the meat should be covered but about an inch or inch and a half of head room should be left above the meat and broth. Add water if necessary.

Tighten the lids on each jar and place immediately into pressure cooker. For venison canning recipes, the meat should be processed at 10 pounds pressure (240° F) for 90 minutes. If you happened to use pint jars the same process applies, but 75 minutes is sufficient rather than the 90 minutes for quart jars.

This is a simple, straightforward recipe for canning venison. Anyone, whether you are familiar with canning or not, can follow it. The meat from this venison canning recipe can then be used in venison chili, gourmet venison recipes, salads or as may other ways as you can imagine.

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