Crockpot Makes Simple Chicken Recipes

Looking for simple chicken recipes?

Tonight our daughter served one of the best chicken dinner recipes we've enjoyed in a long time. She loves to cook. The supper got me to browsing through some chicken slow cooker recipes. So I've chosen the one you see on this page.

Our family likes to eat healthy. I especially relish the eggs from our free range hens. But winter is coming and our daughter (who owns and manages the chickens) says, "It's time to harvest the chickens." The flavor of tender free-range hens is worth the hassle of coning, scalding, picking and so on.

Plus, pasture raised poultry is antibiotic and hormone free. And because uncaged hens have free range for exercise, their muscle development is superior to caged chickens. If you don't raise your own or can't find free range hens at a farmer's market, go to US Wellness Meats They will deliver right to your door.

Roast Chicken in Crock Pot


1 3 to 4 pound chicken, preferably free-range
Salt and pepper
Basil (if desired)

Simple Procedure:

Wash chicken thoroughly. Pat dry to enhance browning. Generously sprinkle cavity with salt, pepper and parsley.

Set whole chicken in crock pot and brush chicken breast with butter. Sprinkle with additional parsley and basil. (Tarragon may be substituted for basil if desired.)

Cook on high for one hour. Move crock pot setting to low and cook for 8 to 10 more hours. It's best to keep crock pot covered during entire cooking time.

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