Eco-Friends Know: Reduce Global Warming by Eating Grassfed Meat

OK, you ask, "How do grassfed recipes reduce global warming?" Obviously, it's not the recipes per se; rather, it's the natural processes and the whole philosophy behind grassfed recipes that reduce global warming.

How does this happen? Well, everyone knows that trees absorb carbon dioxide. Did you know that grass is equally as good--maybe better--than trees to remove carbon from the atmosphere? And because there is far more grass than trees on the earth's surface, grass and grazing lands are the world's foremost frontier in reducing global warming.

To remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it in the soil as carbon is a process called "carbon sequestration." That's what grass does and grass is good at it. According to a report found at the United States is currently"losing three billion tons of nutrient-rich topsoil each year. Growing corn and soy for animal feed using conventional methods causes a significant amount of this soil loss. Compared with row crops, pasture reduces soil loss by as much as 93 percent."

Together, grass farmers and conscientious citizens can effectively grow new topsoil and reverse global warming.

Topsoil is the sole carbon sink on earth large enough to capture the excess carbon in our atmosphere. And our soils desperately need that carbon.

Today, we have the information we need to rapidly create new topsoil over much of the earth's surface.

If the American people were to restore the soil fertility of the Great Plains that we have destroyed in the last 150 years, atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide would be reduced to near pre-industrial levels.

Seen globally, the same results would be achieved if we humans were to increase the organic matter levels of the world agricultural and grazing lands by 1.6%. This is according to information presented at the Vermont Grazing Conference based on research by Allan Yeomans', "Priority One: Together We Can Beat Global Warming."

The front lines of this historic undertaking are family farmers holistically managing grassland farms and carefully planning the grazing of livestock.

What can we do to reduce global warming? Among the other common suggestions (sell your SUV[!] and save the Rain Forests of Brazil), consider the following. 1) Become aware of the monumental role of grass and soil in carbon sequestration. 2) Support grass farmers--without sustainable farming, we're all sunk. 3) Purchase grassfed meat, milk and eggs. Grassfed Recipes are designed for the leaner, healthier meat that grass finished animals produce.

And that's the story behind "Grassfed Recipes Reduce Global Warming." Reduce Global Warming by Choosing Grassfed Meat and Grassfed Recipes.

Slow Roast Recipe

The Signature Recipe for This Website

I read in Adelle Davis's Let's Cook It Right, "In experiments where identical roasts were cooked at different oven temperatures to the same degree of doneness, roasts cooked for 26 to 32 hours were preferred in 100 per cent of the taste tests to roasts cooked in 3 hours or less. You'll be startled! Try it--as we say, "The proof is in the pudding!"


3-4 pound roast of beef or lamb
olive oil


Rub oil, salt and pepper over every surface of the roast.

Set the oven temperature at the desired temperature that you want the roast to be when it is done. This should be about 165 degrees F. Set the roast in a pan and leave it there. It requires no watching; it can't burn and vitamins and minerals can't be harmed at such a low heat. Almost no fuel is required to cook it. The fat in the meat will slowly cook out so you end up with a virtually fat free roast.

The exact cooking time is not significant. Allow plenty of time. The longer you cook the meat at this low temperature, the more tender the roast will become. Let the internal temperature rise to 165 degrees F. You may be amazed at how tender and tasty a roast cooked like this becomes. Many roasts prepared like this can be cut with a fork. They're juicy and tend to melt in your mouth.

Reduce Global Warming by Choosing Grassfed Meat and Grassfed Recipes.

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