Pancake Batter Recipe Beckons Sleepyheads To Breakfast

Here’s how to make a pancake batter recipe that’s better than an alarm clock. When the kids smell the cookin’ they may rush into the kitchen and yell, “I’m hungry, Mom! How long ‘til breakfast?” So be prepared.

This recipe is tried and true. Variations of it have been used since the 1800’s. It’s an easy pancake recipe to whip up and yummy to eat.

Old-Fashioned Pancake Recipe

Place the griddle on the range to heat slowly, while mixing thebatter.

Place in a bowl or a flat, wide-mouthed pitcher:

One cupful milk
One cupful water
One teaspoonful salt
One tablespoonful syrup
Two eggs, preferably from free-range hens
Two and one-half cups of flour
Two tablespoonfuls shortening
Four level teaspoonfuls baking powder

Beat to mix to a smooth batter. This amount of batter will make hotcakes for four persons. For larger amounts, multiply.

Test the griddle by dropping a few drops of water on it; if the water boils, the griddle is sufficiently hot to bake with. Aluminum griddles generally do not require any grease. Rub with a clean cloth dipped in salt.

Grease iron griddles slightly. Pour on the batter; just as soon as the cakes begin to form air bubbles slip a spatula or cake-turner under the cakes and turn them.

Now, if large bubbles rise at once to the top of the cakes, the griddle is too hot and the heat should be reduced; if the cake stiffens before the underside is brown the griddle is not hot enough. Never turn a griddle cake twice--this makes them heavy. Serve them as soon as baked, piling not more than five or six together. Sour milk may be used in place of sweet milk.

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