What is Organic Grass Fed Beef?

What is organic grass fed beef?

For the answer, let’s first define “organic”. At least in theory, the green USDA organic label warrants that the product is pesticide-free and carries no synthetic hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s (genetically-modified grains). Unfortunately, organic standards are not universally enforced (especially in foreign countries—can you say “China”?), so even with the organic label you can never be 100% sure what you’re getting your teeth into.

The definition of 100% grass-fed is somewhat simpler. It means the animal is raised 100% on mother’s milk, grass in season, and hay in winter-time.

In short, organic tells what is NOT in the meat; grassfed indicates what IS in the meat.

Dozens of studies now show that meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals have a bounty of added nutrients. Compared with grain-fed cattle—organic or otherwise—the meat and milk of grass-fed cattle have more antioxidants, including vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. The meat is also lower in overall fat and higher in healthy omega-3s and another healthy fat called “conjugated linoleic acid” or CLA (http://www.eatwild.com/cla.html). (Reprinted with permission from www.eatwild.com, Jo Robinson's website.)

What does all this mean for the consumer? Organic beef is good; grass-fed beef is better; organic grass fed beef is the best of all worlds.

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