Fantastic! Low Carb Eggnog Combines Taste and Health

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With well chosen ingredients anyone can concoct a low carb eggnog that’s sweet tasting and satisfying. No need to sacrifice pleasure for health. If in doubt, let La Nouba Jams come to your rescue. Available from, you can choose strawberry, blueberry, raspberry or most any other kind of berry you wish for flavoring.

These delicious sugar free jams come from the choicest fruits that the world has to offer. According to the company, these fragrant jams are made in open kettles following European traditions. They are bursting with flavor yet contain only 55 grams of fruit per 100 grams of spread. They feature

• Approximately 1 gram of net carbs per tablespoon
• No additives or preservatives
• No artificial coloring
• All natural
• Sweetened with Maltitol
• Perfect for low carb dieters and diabetics alike

La Nouba Eggnog


2 eggs
2 cups milk
2 Tablespoons sugar free jam


Combine all ingredients in blender (or mixer) and blend thoroughly. Serve immediately. Serves 2.

This is not your traditional eggnog. None the less, it’s great for any diabetic or anyone else on a low carb diet. Or for that matter, anyone who wants a great treat and stay healthy at the same time. According to information from the respective companies the above recipe is truly a low carb eggnog drink. It contains--

  • egg--1 gram, 0 carbs, according to the egg carton
  • 2% milk--11 grams net carbs per serving (1 cup)
  • Sugar free jam from La Noubla--1 gram net carbs per tablespoon

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