Good Leftover Pork Recipes Turn a Doubtful Dish into a Delight

My wife discovered a vintage cookbook with some interesting leftover pork recipes.

She was browsing through our home library and became excited with the discovery. Fascinating book! The paper is brittle, easily torn, and the cover is falling off. It has over 1200 pages and is filled with cooking tips and lore from before the World War I era.

They didn't waste anything in those early days. I spent a long evening reading this antique book..."Mrs. Curtis's Cookbook."

Cold pork, in the estimation of some persons, is better than hot. Serve it in neatly cut slices for tea or luncheon at the second meal, then take stock of the remains and look to the future.

Roast-pork bones make an excellent brown stock, almost as rich as that of roast beef. Trim the scraps from the bones and consign them to the soup kettle. Cut with a keen knife all the fat from the meat that is not to be served cold. This fat rendered down makes as excellent dripping to saute potatoes. Chop, and allow it to melt, strain, and set away in the refrigerator.

The tender white meat of pork makes a salad which tastes very much like chicken. Sometimes if one has a few bits of chicken left over, they may be combined with the pork, cut in neat cubes, and the fraud can scarcely be detected.

Pork makes excellent croquettes or is good sliced and reheated in a cup of its brown gravy.

It may be minced, enriched by a few spoonfuls of gravy, and poured on toast for breakfast. Cold ham has a multitude of uses as seen in these leftover pork recipes.

A few scraps may be converted into a delicious sandwich or gives an excellent flavor to a salad omelet or egg dish.

Even cold sausage has its uses, while a slice or two of cold broiled bacon put through a meat chopper and added to croquette mixtures provides an agreeable seasoning.

Enjoy these leftover pork recipes.

Ham Souffle

Take 2 cupfuls cold minced ham, add the white of 1 egg and beat till smooth. Then put in a dash of paprika, 1 cupful whipped cream, and 2 whites of eggs beaten stiff. Pour into an oiled melon mold, bake, and serve with tomato sauce poured around it.

Ham Griddlecakes


1 cupful minced ham
2 cupfuls stale bread crumbs
2 eggs
1 cupful scalded milk


Mix the ham and crumbs with the milk and well-beaten eggs. Drop by spoonfuls on a hot buttered griddle.

Block Island Croquettes


1 cupful minced ham
1 cupful stale bread crumbs
2 cupfuls chopped cold potatoes
1 Tbsp butter
1 egg


Mix the ham, crumbs, and potatoes with the butter and egg, make into small balls and fry in hot fat.

Pork Cutlets


9 cups chopped cold pork
9 eggs
1/2 cup cracker crumbs
1 tsp minced parsley
1 tsp minced onion
1 Tbsp cream
Pepper and salt


Beat the eggs thoroughly, mix with the cream, stir in the chopped pork, cracker crumbs, onion, parsley, and seasoning. Form into cutlet-shaped croquettes, roll in flour, egg, and crumbs. At the small end of the croquette stick in a few inches of macaroni. Fry in deep fat, and serve with tomato sauce.

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