Cook Lamb Shank Recipes the Old-Fashioned Way

Got shanks? Looking for lamb shank recipes?

I'm an old-fashioned kind of cook. Complicated recipes with too many ingredients and too long prep times may be good for special occasions, but for a harried housewife or a busy man, Grandma's method tastes just as good, maybe better.

This lamb shank recipe is super tasty 'cuz the lamb used it's shank (forearm) every step of it's life. It also won't be as tender because of all that walking. A shank is not as tender as a chop, for instance. That's why this long, slow cooking time is such a plus.

Let's talk nutrition. Did you know that over half the people die on account of poor lifestyle rather than illness or disease? The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has said that the causes of death for people under 65 are:

* 21% - environment - war, accidents, crimes
* 9% - health care system - doctors, hospitals, medications
* 17% - human biology - not because of lifestyle
* 53% - because of the way people choose to live their lives

At the low temperature suggested for this recipe, the vitamins and minerals don't get cooked out so the nutrients stay in the meat. They go into your mouth instead of down the drain or into the garbage bin. And grassfed meat is packed with far more omega 3's and CLA than ordinary meat. If you are cooking grassfed meat, you are contributing to a healthy lifestyle and hopefully a longer, richer life.

Lamb Shank Prep
Lamb Shank Prep

One of Earth's Finest Lamb Shank Recipes


2 lamb shanks
4-5 carrots
5-6 potatoes
3-4 celery stalks
2-3 onions
salt and pepper


Place shanks in roaster pan. No need to add water at this low temperature. Cover pan. Heat oven to 170° F. Cook for 8 or more hours. Add vegetables to roaster the last 2 hours before serving.

Cooking on such low heat is unconventional. It's also wonderful. You don't have to worry about the roast until time to put in the veggies. You can leave the shanks in the oven for many more hours and they won't burn or dry out if the lid is well-fitting.

Lip-Smackin' Lamb Shanks with Veggies
Lip-Smackin'Lamb Shank with Veggies

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