Lamb Roast Recipes Compared and Winner Declared After Taste Tests

When it comes to lamb roast recipes, I admit I was startled. Shocked. Flabbergasted might be most accurate.

I read in Adelle Davis' Let's Cook It Right, "In experiments where identical roasts were cooked at different oven temperatures to the same degree of doneness, roasts cooked for 26 to 32 hours were preferred in 100 per cent of the taste tests to roasts cooked in 3 hours or less."

Although I was skeptical, we went ahead and tried it. Adelle proved to be absolutely right!

The meat was amazingly delicious. It was juicy, tender, and not dried out at all. Savory meat easily peeled off the bone. This slow cooked recipe for roast lamb has to be a supreme choice for any roast. It will work for pot roast lamb, lamb shoulder roast, or any other lamb roast.

All Day, All Night Lamb Roast


Set the oven temperature at the desired temperature that you want the lamb to be when it is done. This should be about 165 degrees F. Set the roast in a pan and leave it there.

It requires no watching; it can't burn. In addition, vitamins and minerals can't be harmed at such a low temperature. Almost no fuel is required to cook it. The fat in the lamb meat will slowly cook out so you end up with a fat free roast lamb recipe.

The exact cooking time is not significant. Allow plenty of time. We were startled at how tender and savory this recipe for roast lamb became. I think you will be too.

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