How To Make Eggnog? First Of All, Make It Fun

How to make eggnog? First of all, make it fun. Whatever else you do and whatever else you put into it, put some fun into it. Eggnog is fun to eat and fun to make. I love eggnog. In fact, I make eggnog for breakfast nearly every day!

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So how do you make eggnog? Well, you’ve got to have 3 basic ingredients—eggs, milk and some sweetener. Mix ‘em together and you’ve got Voila!--Eggnog!Pretty simple, eh? Yeah, even a child can achieve success by making eggnog in your own kitchen. And he can do it in a jiffytoo. That’s all there is to making a basic eggnog.

Now, how to make eggnog that’s a little more special takes a tad bit of imagination. Suppose you want a healthy, sugar free eggnog for your family breakfast. You don’t even need a recipe for eggnog. Just start experimenting. I did this very morning and here’s what I came up with—a sorghum sugar free eggnog.

Sorghum Eggnog Drink Recipe


2 eggs, hopefully from free-range hens
2 cups milk
3 Tablespoons sorghum, subsequently reduced to 2

What I did:

Crack the eggs into a blender. Pour in 2 cups milk. Add the sorghum. Blend at a high speed until all ingredients, especially the sorghum, are thoroughly mixed.

Then I tasted this newly created recipe for eggnog. Would it be yummy? Or a flop? (I’ve had some of both. I once tried a root beer egg nog. Before I got the ingredients just right, my daughter’s comment was emphatic, “It’s horrible!”) In this case, the result was yummy-- too yummy. The three tablespoons of sorghum made it a little too sweet. Sorghum is like honey, very sweet. After a while, I let our daughter try it. Confirmed! “Too sweet!” she said, so I toned it down a bit—2 tablespoons sorghum instead of 3.

The recipe was really good cold. Then I thought, “Why not heat it up in the microwave and see what happens?” Turns out it was even better warm. It got a little frothy on top and made me feel all warm and happy inside. I knew we had a winner!

So, how to make eggnog? Make it any way you wish, just enjoy it!

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