Homemade Eggnog Created From Childhood Memories

Maybe I should never tell this story of how this homemade eggnog—a molasses eggnog recipe--came into being. But I’ve lived this far so it’s probably safe to go ahead and talk about it.

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It all happened about 50 years ago. I grew up on a Grade A dairy farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. My Dad sometimes fed our cows blackstrap molasses as a nutritional supplement. We got the molasses in huge 55-gallon drums and poured out the molasses into a cement trough. The trough was rough cement about 8 feet long and 12 inches wide. The cows loved the stuff and so did I! It was such a treat to go to the cattle trough, stick my finger into the blackstrap molasses and then lick my sticky, black finger. Never did I mind the sticky, black cows tongues were equally enjoying the molasses. We—the cows and I—all considered it a great treat!

I developed a fond taste for molasses that has “stuck” with me through the years. It’s sweet and less expensive than honey. I use it on toast, cereal and who knows what else. So it was natural to try a homemade eggnog with molasses flavoring. So here goes--another original eggnog recipe.

Molasses Eggnog


3 eggs, preferably from free-range hens
1 banana, broken into chunks
2 tablespoons molasses
2 tablespoons sugar
2 ½ cups milk


Mix all ingredients together in a blender. Blend on increasingly higher speeds for about a minute or until the banana is pureed and the molasses is thoroughly mixed. The result is a frothy, delightful, molasses-flavored, homemade eggnog suitable for kings and queens.

If I liked molasses as a little boy, your kids most likely will too. It’s a healthy breakfast in a glass.

Post script: For this eggnog recipe I used Brer Rabbit brand unsulfered, full-flavored molasses. I suppose any brand would do. One tablespoon contains 5% of the minimum daily requirement (MDR) of total carbohydrates for the average person. Simply stated, this is a low carb eggnog drink that’s really healthy for you and your family.

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