Dinner Recipes Steak? You Bet! A Man Wants His Steak!

Dinner Recipes Steak! Bring It On! Men Crave Meat! Don’t Care if It’s Pan Fry Steak, Broiled or Grilled--Just Give Us Hunks of Meat to Satisfy Our Craving Appetites!

This can easily become one of those favorite steak recipes for the man in your life. Take it from me—you’ve got to understand men. We work hard. We sweat. We get hungry. We want to eat. We are meat and potatoes guys and we want to eat a lot and we want it now. Broiled rib eye steak recipes meet the bill because they’re quick and thick. Go ahead, m’am, spoil your man. Cooking ribeye steaks will light the spark. The way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach.

Broiled Rib Eye Steak

1. Turn oven regulator to "broil" or to highest degree of setting.
2. Trim surplus fat from meat; if meat is very lean (often this is the case with grassfed meat), brush surface with fat.
3. Slash fat edge of meat at 2 inch intervals to prevent curling.
4. If desired, steak may be rubbed with cut side of clove of garlic or spread thinly with prepared mustard.
5. Grease broiler rack; add steak.
6. Place broiler pan at least 1 1/2 inches below heat. The thicker the steak, the greater the distance.
7. Broil with broiler door open.
8. Broil about 4 minutes; season; turn.
9. Broil second side about 4 more minutes; season; serve at once.

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