Deer Roast, What Do I Like of Thee the Most?

I love deer roast. My favorite deer hunter, Craig Schneider, just gave our family two freshly killed deer. What a bonanza! My son, Matt, and I skinned 'em, all the time thinking, "What will we do with all this meat?" "Who can we give to?"

We talked a lot as we were working about whether or not this meat would be truly grassfed and therefore healthy and loaded with CLA and omega 3 fatty acids. You, know the kind that's healthy for hearts and helps with depression and so on. As it turned out these particular deer had been snacking in somebody's cornfield. (When I butcher, I can tell if an animal is grassfed or grain-fed by the type of fat, the location and the amount of fat on the carcass.)

We thought about using our dehydrator for dehydrator venison jerky recipes or going for some cuts for gourmet venison recipes.But time was of the essence, so we ended up cutting most of the meat into roasts. Besides, we have some juicy venison roast recipes. Check out some of these recipes and you won't blame us for going for roasts. (I just love it when the meat on the bottom of the pan is really, really browned and flavorful.)

Mark's "Dinner In A Roaster"


venison roast
anything else you fancy to add


Turn oven to 350° F if you have about 3 hours 'til supper. (Try 325° F or 300° F if you have 3 1/2 to 4 hours.) Drop the roast into a large roaster pan. Add salt and pepper. Don't add water. Instead, let the venison stew in its own juices. I'ts most flavorful that way.

About 1 hour before dinner hour put the potatoes and carrots into the roaster.

Our family enjoyed this meal tonight. Uhmm, very satisfying. . . .

Deer are foragers so deer roasts are grassfed meat. Grassfed meat contains omega 3, an essential nutrient, and experts say most of us aren't getting enough of it. Omega 3 is related to weight loss, and overcoming moodiness and depression. Continuing research has even linked omega 3 (such as is found in this beef short rib recipe) to positive affects on brain development in children. Omega 3 is good stuff. You're eating healthy!

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