Cooking Sirloin Steak is a Joy--Eating Sirloin Steak is even Better!

Cooking Sirloin Steak. . .

This is the way my mother was always cooking sirloin steak. We grew up on a dairy farm in Oregon's lush Willamette Valley. Meat, potatoes and garden veggies amply supplied our hard-working, hard-earned appetites. Maybe it was our family's genes, maybe it was the omega 3 oils in the grassfed meat--whatever it was--we all grew up slender as bean poles.

We had beef and potatoes most every night for supper before milking the cows. One of our favorites, of course was sirloin steak. Ummmn... I can savor it now. Mom was always cooking it the same way and we never tired of it. Here's the recipe.

Steak and Roll on Plate

Steak and Roll on Plate
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How to Pan Fry Steak

Heat a heavy fry pan to medium high heat. Add a little butter to keep the steak from sticking. (Sirloin is a lean cut so there's minimal fat, especially if it's from a cow or steer raised exclusively on grass and hay. That's one reason why this recipe will help keep you thin! Another reason sirloin helps curtail obesity is because grass-fed meat is loaded with omega 3 oils. That's one of the remarkable "good fats" that helps keep you trim.)

Plop the steaks in the pan and brown thoroughly on one side. Turn the meat and brown the second side. Season and serve. Quick and easy, right? It's the simplest pan fry steak recipe in the world.

Cooking tips: Reduce heat to medium if the kitchen starts getting smokey. Conversely, if the juices began to roll out of the steak, slightly increase the heat. Don't overcook. That pink in the middle is the color of f-l-a-v-o-r!

Recipes made from grassfed meat (where cows are finished on grass rather than corn) are more nutrient-laden than meat from supermarkets. If you want the health benefits of omega 3 (weight loss, heart health) and CLA (even greater weight loss), ask for grassfed meat. Try to find it at a farmer's market or health food store near you. You can also order it online. Natural grassfed meat contains 60% more omega 3's than conventional (corn-fed) beef. As you may know, omega 3 is essential for human health and cannot be manufactured by the body. It must be eaten in foods or supplements. If you or anyone you know isn't getting sufficient omega 3 in their diet, find what you need at US Wellness. US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products - Visit them Online!

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