Cloned Meat vs Grassfed--Which Is Safer?

I recently received a note about cloned meat from Dr. Al Sears, MD author of the "Dr.'s Heart Cure" book. He raises questions. Is it safe? Is it healthful? Some excerpts from Dr. Sears follow.

Dear Mark,

Are you eating cloned meat? You probably don’t know. It’s becoming common practice ... but the FDA doesn’t require labeling! Birth defects in clones are quite common. Cloning has been found to produce unhealthy animals who suffer tremendously. Clones often die young, suffer birth defects, and commonly need antibiotics. 1

The Center for Food Safety says that as many as 50% of cow clones have what’s called “Large Offspring Syndrome.” Symptoms include unusually high birth weight that endangers the mother, and a long list of organ and systemic abnormalities, including heart problems and immature lung development.2 The report also states that there is evidence that clones are not always exact duplicates of their gene donors.3 Clearly, cloning remains an unpredictable science.

And cloning scientists have warned that even small imbalances in these clones could result in hidden food safety problems in the cloned meat.4 A recent study found differences in the composition of the milk and meat of cloned animals.5

But here’s what’s even more worrisome, the nation’s major cattle cloning companies admit that they have not been able to keep track of how many offspring of clones have entered the food supply.6 So there’s no way of knowing if you are buying cloned meat or not!

It’s sad to think that the FDA approved cloned livestock food without completely knowing all of the risks involved. But they don’t exactly have a good track record…just look at all the drug recalls they’ve made over the last decade. The whole idea of cloned meat is frightening if you ask me.

That’s another reason why I choose grass-fed beef. I don’t have to worry about whether or not I am eating some science experiment developed in a test tube. So when choosing meat for your next meal, consider the following two options.

• Cattle raised as nature intended – in an open field free to roam and feast on their natural diet of grass


• Something developed in a scientific experiment that has not been properly researched, not to mention fed an unnatural diet of grain and given massive doses of antibiotics.

This should be an easy one, correct? Choose the grass-fed beef, of course. At least you’ll know exactly what you are getting – something that’s healthy and nutritious with no hidden food safety issues. It’s hormone-free, antibiotic-free, has no preservatives, and has a healthy ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats.

--Al Sears, MD

I heartily recommend Dr. Sear's book and have given copies to friends and family. Some medical men hide away in labs; others are so busy treating patients they don't have time for research. Dr. Sears both researches and treats patients. Success speaks for itself. Warning: unless you're up to speed with current research, you may be be shocked. Get info about the "Doctor's Heart Cure" book here.

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