Tired? Weak? Rushed? Canadian Syrup Eggnog Makes You Feel Like A Lumberjack

I spotted the jug of Canadian Syrup on our table. “Aha! A Canadian Syrup Eggnog! I’ve got to try it!” I exclaimed to anyone and everyone within earshot.

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Canadian syrup evokes the fondest of rural and woodsy memories for most of us in the USA. We all know it tastes so g-o-o-o-d.

I recently spoke at a minister’s convention in London, Ontario. The Maury Black family favored me with this jug of 100% pure Canada NO. 1 Medium natural syrup. I had been bragging to them about how good their last gift jug tasted. So when I was making a breakfast eggnog and simultaneously spotted the syrup, I thought this was a natural combo.

This Canadian Syrup eggnog recipe has become one of my favorites. It ought to become famous.

Deluxe Canadian Syrup Eggnog


3 eggs, preferably grassfed from free-range hens
2 cups milk
3-4 Tablespoons Canadian syrup
Pinch of nutmeg (optional)


Mix all ingredients together in a blender. Blend for about a minute and thirty seconds or until very frothy. Remove from blender and pour into a microwave safe container.

Heat in microwave (yes, another microwave eggnog!) until foam rises rapidly. When the foam rises, shut off the microwave quickly. Warning: Once the foam begins to rise, it will shoot up rapidly and may overflow. Don’t walk away. Stay right there and watch it or you may be sorry.

Pour into individual cups and spoon some of the foam on top. (The frothy foam will have almost the consistency of whipped cream.) Add nutmeg if desired.

As you can see, we drink eggnog for breakfast around our house. Consider a breakfast eggnog as part of your morning rush schedule. Where can you find a more nutritious breakfast for so little time and effort? Our kids love it. This very morning our teenage daughter volunteered, “It’s really good, Dad!”

Recently, our twenty-something daughter has been grabbing a breakfast eggnog for her quick energy source as she rushes out the door for her early morning job. It’s such a quick and easy eggnog to make.

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