Make Apple Butter Eggnog in 4 Easy Steps

Do you enjoy making eggnog? Have you ever been treated to an apple butter eggnog recipe? Better yet, have you ever treated yourself to one of these tasty drinks? I drink eggnog year 'round, and if you get the thirst for it, you may well too!

Our daughter-in-law prepared homemade apple butter and gave some to us. Yummy! Hmmmmm...I thought. How would apple butter egg-nog taste? Making eggnog at home is simple and fun, especially when innovating an original recipe. I love apple butter and I love eggnog. Here's how to get the taste of both in 4 easy steps.


2 eggs, preferably from free-range hens

2 heaping kitchen spoonfuls of apple butter

2 cups milk, preferably from grass-fed cows


1 Break eggs into blender or mixer.

2 Plop the spoonfuls of apple butter into the eggs.

3 Add milk.

4 Blend (or mix) for about 25 seconds at high speed.

Serve directly. Sometimes on a cold morning I like to heat the eggnog in the microwave. Cooked eggnog or uncooked--whatever you prefer, it's a tasty way to start your day. Healthful too!

NOTE: You can use regular store-bought eggs if you wish. They're easy to come by and are definitely healthful. It's just that eggs from un-caged hens are more healthful than commercial eggs (as shown by various research studies) and provide more color and better taste to the palate.

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