My veal shank Osso Bucco recipe

by Kim Antonetti

I cook Osso Bucco with veal shanks. I coat them in flour/salt/pepper and brown them in oil. I tie them with kitchen twine to secure the meat next to the bone. I then fry equal parts of diced celery, onion(a bit more), carrots. I add a generous amount of minced garlic cloves at the end. I add tomato paste, chicken stock, bay leaves and mix well. I add black pepper, but hold the salt because of the sodium in the chicken and beef stock. I then add my fresh herb 'bouquet's'. I use cheesecloth and kitchen twine to make individual packages of rosemary, thyme, and basil. As the herbs infuse into the broth, I remove the 'bouquet' to control the flavor of each herb. I will add beef broth to keep the liquid covering the shanks, and white wine towards the end. I cook the shanks on the stovetop in a large dutch oven for about 3 hours. I serve the shanks on a platter with fresh chopped parsley and a side of herb infused cous cous. I will slightly thicken some of the broth and use as gravy.

The aroma that this recipe releases into your home is intoxicating. The flavors are incredible and I serve this for special occasions.

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Sep 06, 2012
I love your description
by: Anonymous

Hi Kim,

I love your description. I could almost taste the flavor and smell the aroma as I read. Lovely!

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