Vintage Cookbooks (Anything Prior to 1950) Contain Grassfed Recipes

Looking for authentic grassfed recipes? Here’s good news. Vintage cookbooks (anything prior to 1950) are loaded with grass-fed recipes. In fact, virtually all meat was grassfed in those days.

Prior to WWII all meat, milk and eggs were from grassfed animals. Most of the meat milk and eggs still consumed world-wide are from grassfed and pasture raised sources. It’s only in the United States and some other Western countries that we grain feed and grain-finish our beef and lamb. The health and environmental benefits of grass feeding are becoming well-known.

So where can we find the special recipes and vintage cookbooks that tell us how to prepare grassfed foods?

Antique bookstores and ebay are good possibilities. That’s why I’m placing this eBay feed on the grassfed recipes website.

No matter what genre of cookbooks you’re searching for, you’ll find ‘em here.

Vintage cookbooks, of course, will appear here. Also antique and modern, healthy and not-so-healthy, chicken, beef, dairy, pork, lamb—all sorts of recipe books will show up on eBay. So pick and choose. Just remember, vintage cookbooks contain grass-fed recipes.

EBay is probably the world’s largest single source of recipe and cooking books ever assembled. And it’s constantly changing. Recently I checked the ebay listing and discovered a neat-looking Laura Ingalls Wilder Cookbook from Little House on the Prarie days. I like to be able to find either new or used recipe books. This can become a treasure hunters delight.

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