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Our family raises and sells grassfed lamb directly to health-conscious consumers in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. We began direct marketing quality lamb products in 1994. I know the industry inside out. For quality and consistency, US Wellness can't be beat. If you live too far to drive to our farm, I favor ordering gift meat--and other products--from US Wellness. They sell a huge variety of quality grassland meat products.

The Grassfed Revolution gains steam month after month. You can get grassfed meat at most farmers markets or even online. So where’s the best place to order steaks online? That depends.

If possible, I recommend buying directly from a local farmer that you get to know and trust. Ask him about his animals and grazing strategy. Here are a few good questions for starters.

Is this meat 100% grassfed? Were any antibiotics or growth hormones fed? Was the cow (or lamb) born and raised on your farm, or did you buy it from someone else? What did you feed him over the winter when there was no grass available? Do your rotate pastures? How many paddocks do you have?

If you can’t find grassfed meat locally, keep reading. . .I have a recommendation. In the meantime, try this recipe for your next foray into the wonderful world of grassfed dining pleasure.

Oven-Broiled Strip Steak

Preheat broiler. Read directions for your range to give best broiling results. All electric ranges call for broiling with door slightly ajar. In a gas range, broil with door closed. Remove outer skin and slash edges of fat in several places to prevent curling.

Place steaks on broiling rack so that the surface of meat is about 3 inches from heat. Follow broiling schedule for broiling time. Turn only once. Season before serving. Serve on very hot platter and hot plates.

Broiling schedule (at thawed refrigerator temperature) for grassfed steaks:

Thickness-----Time per side
1"--------6 minutes--medium
1"--------7 minutes--well done
1 1/2"----9 minutes--medium
1 1/2"----11 minutes--well done
2"--------12 minutes--medium
2"--------15 minutes--well done

Steaks Cooking on Grill

Steaks Cooking on Grill
Lane, Dennis
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US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products – Order Steaks Online!

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