Slow Cooker Recipes Make Even the Toughest Meat So Tender It Falls Off the Bone

My wife just served some tender meat inspired by slow cooker recipes. Tasty! And what a difference the slow-cooker (crock pot) made.

I cut up a lot of our own venison and lamb for family meals. I was really frustrated with the way the short ribs were turning out. So frustrated, in fact that I was threatening to throw out short ribs instead of trying to eat them. They were tough, fatty and almost impossible to enjoy. That all changed when Kari tried a slow cooker recipe.

All grassfed meat should be cooked lower and slower than fatty, conventional meat. Grassfed meat has less fat than store-bought meat. Fat acts as an insulator during cooking. Without the “insulation,” the meat may become tough during cooking. Therefore, LOW and SLOW are the magic words for quality cooking of grassfed meats.

Short ribs have a well-deserved “tough” reputation. Let your crock pot change all that!

I have found a bunch of crock pots on eBay for you.

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