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This is some of the best kitchen stuff I've found. If you've found any better kitchen things--recipes, cookbooks, "all-things-kitchen," let me know. I'd like to hear.


Yes, Pearls! In fact, when my wife comes to the kitchen in the morning wearing her pearls, she looks gorgeous. I like to rush over and give her a big kiss. Every woman can look gorgeous in her kitchen. All she needs to do is go to Enjoy an entire range of fine pearl jewelry that will make you too adorable in your own kitchen!

Recipe Collections

Slow cooker Recipes are ideal for grassfed beef, lamb or pork. Locate Slow Cooker and Crock Pot Cookbooks on eBay.

Vintage Cookbooks are a great source for authentic, old-time grassfed recipes. Locate Vintage Cookbooks on eBay.

Kitchen Stuff You Can Use

Since grassfed meat is often sold in bulk (for example, whole lamb or side of beef) you may save money by buying a freezer. Check out Freezers and Refrigerators on ebay.

AzListed Web Directory - Human edited directory that offers webmasters a choice of a free or paid website submission.

Kettles available from Russell Hobbs.
Toasters available from Russell Hobbs.

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