Fun Easy-to-watch 1 Minute "Lamb Chops with Mint Recipes" Video Has All You Need to Prepare a Delightful Meal

Watch the "lamb chops with mint recipes" video and become an instant expert.

Our family raises grassfed lamb on our farm so we get fresh lamb chops when we choose. We care for the sheep very tenderly and have names for many of our sheep. And when it comes time for market, we know what to do. . . .

Lamb chops are smaller than pork chops--about 1/3 the size. They are a delightful delicacy and this mint recipe nicely embellishes the natural flavor of the lamb. I'm also fond of yogurt, especially the homemade kind. My wife and daughter have both become expert yogurt makers so, you see, I am a very lucky man. What more could a man want? Flavored lamb chops, yogurt, and a wife and daughter to put it all together!

Our son, John, remarked as he finished his chops one day, "The best I've ever eaten!"

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